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Timeless Kilim

Kilim Footstool Bespoke Footstool Company

One of the most beautiful footstools I was privileged to make was this footstool covered in a very simple kilim with striking red panelled centre and border design perfect for a stool border.

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Pierre Frey Upholstery Fabric

I have recently created a large table stool in Pierre Frey "Tasmania", a gorgeous black linen and gold embroidered fabric depicting motifs of Aboriginal Art. I joined the fabric carefully so the pattern of the design flowed around the stool from every angle.

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Broadstairs Bespoke Footstools Intro Img

We know and love East Kent due to the number of amazing craftspeople down here (not to mention the stunning architecture and sandy beaches!) and recently made the decision to partially relocate The Bespoke Footstool Company here ….: joining our framemakers as well as the wealth of other furniture industry professionals, upholsterers and French polishers ….Their presence here is no coincidence as there has been a steady migration of makers moving east from Shoreditch in East London throughout the 20th Century, and with soaring London rents this continues to be the case.

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