Why a Bespoke Footstool?

Footstools, ottomans, pouffes, table stools...

A humble footrest, an extra seat, a side table, a coffee table, not to mention the centrepiece which ties an interior together, whatever you want to call it and whatever its use, it has become an essential piece of furniture.

History of Footstools

Footstools have far surpassed their roles as just being a foot rest. They date back to the 1600's, were originally known as "crickets" and were designed to provide a comfortable platform away from drafty floors. Ottomans and Fenders (long low fireside stools) became popular in the C18th with the Victorians subsequently producing ornate tassled and buttoned pieces.

Today's Uses

Your room can be instantly and affordably refreshed through the addition of a bespoke ottoman, footstool or table stool, which ties in the colours, elements or textures in the room. What’s more, the design of it can ensure it is versatile and can act as additional seating or even as a side table. If the room requires a centre piece, then covered in striking fabric an ottoman will stand out beautifully and if your taste changes with fashions, then simply have it recovered at relatively low cost.

Whatever you choose to call it, the footstool is the centrepiece to your room, and deserves to be entirely bespoke to your exacting requirements. 

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