Timeless Kilim

Traditional Kilim Footstool Bespoke Footstool Company

One of the most beautiful footstools I was privileged to make was this footstool covered in a very simple kilim with striking red panelled centre and border design perfect for a stool border.

We constructed the frame of the stool to the exact proportions of the kilim. The effect is balanced yet really eye-catching – a real centrepiece for a room.

This stool was to be placed in a traditional room so we decided upon turned legs, castors and antique gold speckled studs around the bottom. By choosing splayed legs or simple round/square tapering legs, kilim stools can be equally effective in a mid-century or contemporary styled setting.

Kilim Footstool Bespoke Footstool Company2

The other featured stool shown above demonstrates how a simpler pattern can translate equally well into a piece of furniture by designing the stool around the kilim, not the other way round! Linwood does a great Kilim fabric range, so take a look at their designs, for an alternative as a fabric. 

If you have brought a kilim back from your holidays or are thinking of purchasing one for a stool, do give us a call and we can advise you on sizes.

Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, is a textile that is flat woven, like a tapestry, without a pile. A kilim is made by interweaving on a loom pre-coloured warp and weft strands whereby the weft (ie the horizontal) strands are pulled downwards hiding the warp (ie the vertical) strands. They originate from the countries that made up the Ottoman Empire and traditional designs often contain motifs symbolising relevant cultural themes such as fruitfulness, safety or fertility.

Once your kilim stool is constructed and you are pondering where to position it, be mindful that while it is very durable, prolonged and direct sunlight may fade the colours. A kilim stool can also double as extra seating but undoubtedly is a robust and eye-catching addition to any room. Call for more inspiration!

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