The Creative Design Process

Where do you take your inspiration from?

On a Facebook post recently, a customer wrote: "The Bespoke Footstool company is a really professional and upbeat form….we particularly liked their informative and interactive website helping you to build your own design, and that you can choose your own fabric, not just within a restricted range”.

The Online Design Tool

The Online Design Tool, to which the customer is referring is only the start of the design process for The Bespoke Footstool Company. Although customers can order from within it if they choose, it also gives customers an initial framework to work from if they are undecided about the style or shape of the Stool.

How it Works

The customer selects from varied categories starting firstly with shape: Square/Rectangular; Oval/Round; or Triangular/Hexagonal: secondly there is a choice between three options on border sizes; then lastly the customer must choose between Border Styles – Wrapover; Roll top; Piped/Unpiped bordered. The width, height and length can also be entered within the tool and the price is provided with an option to purchase at that point, with fabric invoiced or supplied at a later date. Whilst some customers find the simplicity of the Online Tool process and the detail of its specification categories sufficient for their needs, others prefer a more personal consultation process approach, which takes place over the telephone. This is more suitable if there is a specific fabric, frame or embellishment requirement or if the customer is undecided on certain details.

For example, a recent customer had purchased some time ago a piece of Liberty print that caught her eye. She asked if we could create a stool around it but with a frame specification that would also work well in her home, as well as meet her precise size requirements. As this kind of request is very much our speciality, we were delighted to be able to help.

The Process

  1. A telephone consultation process initially took place where preferences of frame and upholstery style were identified that were in keeping with the customer’s existing furnishings.
  2. The customer sent us the fabric, and after careful measuring, the stool specifications were compiled, with a design created to enable the maximum amount of fabric to be seen.
  3. Leg options were discussed, with a focus on shape and colour. In this case, it was agreed a simple leg would be ideal, Round Tapering legs in Walnut being the final choice.
  4. Top Cover styles were discussed with an emphasis on which trim, if any, was appropriate – the outcome was a double piping trim around the base of the stool, in a complementary fabric shade, picking out one colour.
  5. Photos were emailed over to the customer with options of fabrics for the piping to select from, and actual samples of the final selection were posted out to the customer. The choice was between a velvet, silk and brushed linen.

Fabric Selection
Complimentary Colours
Fabrics Selection
Complimentary Colours

The customer decided Romo Linara (far right image) - brushed linen - in teal was the perfect colour and texture choice to compliment the customers existing Liberty fabric.

The Bespoke Footstool Co Liberty Print3

The footstool was then created exactly to the Design specification!

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