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The History of the Upholsterer - the "Interior Designer"

The Bespoke Footstool Co History of Upholstery

Source: From David James book "Upholstery - a complete course"

The craft of upholstery is an ancient one dating back to the Middle Ages. It has a fascinating history, and as a traditionally trained upholsterer, I feel its story should be told, and the highly skilled traditional methods employed by our ancestors taught to future generations of upholsterers so that the complexities and details of the craft are not lost forever.

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Bespoke Ottomans and Footstools

But what does bespoke really mean? Let us explain...

Oversized bespoke footstool by the bespoke footstool company2

”Products genuinely bespoke compared to many others that claim to be bespoke when in fact they simply have a range of styles and sizes... highly recommended”.

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Hand carved footstools

We were recently asked to recreate the look of an antique footstool with traditionally hand carved legs. In vain our customer had scoured online sites, auctions and antique shops in search of the “right stool” with the “right” measurements. We felt honoured to be able to come to her rescue and to take on this commission and employ the skills of traditional British carvers.

Bespoke Footstool Co Hand Carved

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